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The ancient traditional practice of yogasana that moves you forward and takes you deeper.


A yogasana room hosted by Master Sagar, where he draws attention on breath awareness and conscious intention to promote ease and stability in each asana. His teachings are deeply rooted in time honoured traditions that passed down through the ages.


Time is spent on the development and proper alignment of each asana. Precisely guided verbal instruction and visual demonstration helps reinforce the learning.


Once you are in the room you will see yoga mats, blocks, straps and knee cushion - these are helpful tools that can enable us to open the body in more ways.


I'm Sagar Bhaati

I was born and raised in India. Yoga has been a part of my life since childhood. I started practicing under the guidance my guru since an early age. I, then, moved to Thailand in 2012 and started sharing my yogasana practice.

My teachings are rooted in breath-based asanas. I encourage my students to move at their own pace and work slowly toward more challenging yoga poses.

"Yoga is a practice of tolerating the consequences of being Yourself."                                                 The Bhagavad Gita      

Our Classes

Breath Calm Balance

Our main goal is to lead authentic and technical asana practice.


Experience the power of backbends with Yogasana Room. Our hatha yoga practice class focuses on technical backbend Asana and series of postures that involve backward bending of the spine. These poses are designed to build strength, improve flexibility, and open the body.


Finding Balance

A fun and challenging class that co-operates with Vinyasa style. We will practice various asanas which require focus, stability and strength. We'll also practice a wide range of balance poses and technique. You will be able to challenge yourself and reach all new heights.



Experience the invigorating flow of our Vinyasa class at Yogasana Room. This dynamic practice combines breath and movement to create a seamless flow of poses, leaving you feeling strong, flexible, and balanced.

Contact Us

Contact Us

We want to hear from you. Our doors are open 15 minutes before class starts so feel free to come say hi. You can also reach us on Line chat @yogasanaroom with any questions you may have. We look forward to connecting with you. Check out our socials to stay connected with us on social media. See you in the Yogasasna room soon.

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